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Cake Recipes

Cakes are a symbol of celebration! Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, a weeknight family meal, or simply the joy of baking, these cake recipes will work for the home baker.

Types of cake recipes:

How to Frost Cupcakes with a Ziploc Bag!

You don’t need fancy icing pastry bags to make pretty cupcakes. Frosting your cupcake with a homemade piping bag can be accomplished with materials you already have in your kitchen– a Ziploc bag and Duck tape! Get ready to find your inner pastry chef and create beautiful iced desserts with this simple Ziploc icing bag …

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Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

A chocolate lover’s dream, this flourless chocolate cake with chocolate ganache may be my all time favorite dessert. A chocolate dessert that will satisfy both traditional and gluten free requests. Instant Coffee is a secret ingredient that magically makes the chocolate even more decadent! Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top if …

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Football Brownie Bites

Football Food is Game Day Food! Get ready for football season with football brownie bites topped with chocolate covered almond footballs. Sprouts brand organic pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice are the secret ingredients that welcome fall flavors.  You didn’t expect the pumpkin, did you?  The addition of pumpkin provides moisture to these brownies without the …

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Honey and Vanilla Madeleines Recipe

A madeleines recipe is lovely for Mother’s Day, wedding showers, tea parties, baby showers, and birthdays too. These cake-like cookies are baked in a Madeleine tray. These honey and vanilla madeleines are light and fluffy. A madeleines recipe for Honey and Vanilla Madeleines is a perfect choice to have with a cup of tea. Light …

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