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Food Photography Resources

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Overhead photo of camera, tripod, lenses for food photography gear

Food Photography Resources

You may notice the growth of my photography over the years in my blog. I still try to improve each time I pick up my camera. Here’s quick history of the cameras I have used for photos on A Baker’s House.

I started in 2011 with a basic point and shoot camera, the Canon Power Shot SD1100 IS. The saying goes that the best camera to use is the one you are holding…but that may not hold true for food photography. My point and shoot images were a starting point but were not that visually appealing.

Here is a resource of the equipment I use and recommend.

Food Photography Resources

Everything you need to get you on your way with food photography!

Improve your photography with free resources:

A more expensive camera doesn’t mean instantly better photos. In fact, any camera will have a learning curve as you get to know how to use its functions. I am constantly learning.

The best way to improve your photography is to take a lot of photos. Yes, it’s that simple. Take a photo of food in your pantry, of the meals you are eating at home, of meals with a change of lighting in a restaurant. Just keep on clicking.

Reading books from your local library is often overlooked. There is a treasure chest of information out there ready for those who take a closer look. There are also plenty of photography tutorials online. Here are a few sites where I’ve learned a lot about food photography:

Pinch of Yum Photography Tips

Serious Eats Guide to Food Photography

Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials for Beginners

Invest in improving your photography:

If you are ready to invest in improving your photography, take a class from a local photographer. I did this before I bought my first DSLR just to see if I was interested in learning more. (I was!) Another option is online learning. Linsday from Pinch of Yum offers an e-book called Tasty Food Photography (affiliate link) that walks through the basics of DSLR photography for foodies. She is a former teacher who introduces photography concepts in a way that is easy to grasp and then implement in your own food photography.

Tasty Food Photography

If you are looking for blogging resources all in one place, you will find it in Food Blogger Pro. Lindsay’s husband, Bjork, runs the membership site called Food Blogger Pro.  I joined in November 2017 and I can’t believe that I didn’t join sooner.

Food Blogger Pro offers video tutorials on all things blogging– Getting Started, Food Photography, Editing Photos, Food Videos, Social Media, Increasing Traffic, Generating Income and more. There is an active community of bloggers who post and respond to questions, and the customer service provided by the Food Blogger Pro team is first rate.

I cannot speak highly enough about the positive changes I am implementing thanks to Food Blogger Pro. Enrollment is open twice a year.  Join the Food Blogger Pro Waiting List! In the  mean time start with the free Food Blogger Pro Podcasts to learn about all things blogging.

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