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Bread Recipes

homemade danish pastry on white plate with jam jar behind

Jam filled Danish Pastries

Making Jam filled Danish pastry at home doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Give this easy recipe a try! Danish pastries always seemed to be a challenging yeast bread recipe for me to try at home. Now I wonder why I waited so long! I’ve had Danish pastry on my mind as a recipe I’ve wanted …

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Blueberry bagels in a pottery bowl

Basic Bagels with Blueberries

Making Blueberry Bagels at home doesn’t require special equipment. Make these homemade basic bagels and see how easy it is to enjoy that bakery taste at home!  Making basic bagels with blueberries at home is not as complicated or as tricky as you might think. Yes, most often you’ll find a dozen of beautifully plump …

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Applesauce granola muffin on white plates

Granola Applesauce Muffins

Granola applesauce muffins use applesauce instead of oil in this Whole Foods recipe. Taking small steps towards healthier choices starts with breakfast and you might as well start with a muffin! New year, new you? Well, that is how the saying goes but it is hard to put new habits into practice sometimes. I like …

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Boston brown bread baked in a can

Boston Brown Bread

Can you make bread in a tin can? Yes! Try this recipe for Boston Brown Bread from the Epicurious site. It’s a unique rye bread recipe steamed in a tin can such as a coffee container. Baking with Rye Flour Rye flour was previously not in my pantry but I learned that I should bake with it …

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Raisin and Nut Wreath Bread

Add a festive touch to your holiday table with this stunning raisin and nut bread wreath. The technique of braiding the strands of dough is not as hard as you might think and the process creates an impressive visual effect. This raisin and nut wreath bread is a recipe from the website for The Telegraph, …

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sliced hatch chile bread with loaf in background

Hatch Chile Bread

This hatch chile bread is something to cheer about on any day of the year. I have The Hatch Chile Store to thank for the deliver of hatch chile. If you have missed the window of time during which you can buy freshly roasted Hatch chile at roadside stands and markets, or if you are …

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This recipe is loaded with pears, pecans, and raspberries.

Raspberry Pear Pecan Quick Bread

Baking throughout the fall gives us plenty of chances to use seasonal ingredients.  I love mixing fresh pears with other fruits to give a bit of the unexpected. I found this recipe from Driscoll’s for a Raspberry Pear Pecan Quick Bread. It reminds me of this easy recipe for cherry bread. This bread was a breeze …

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upside down banana bread

Upside Down Banana Bread

Upside banana bread is a fun twist on traditional banana bread recipe. Bananas and sugar bake with butter on the bottom layer of this bread recipe and create a roasted banana topping that provides moisture and depth of flavor.  Upside down banana bread is an easy twist to the usual banana bread. You may have …

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onion rolls

Onion Roll Recipe

Homemade onion rolls make any dinner a special occasion. Try this easy onion roll recipe to make bread at home. Onion buns are a great pairing for hamburgers. Learn to make onion bread rolls at home I’ve purchased onion rolls from the grocery store before and I’ve ordered sandwiches on onion bread from the deli …

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orange marmalade scones with blue checkered napkin

Orange Marmalade Scones

Orange marmalade scones are filled with bold, citrus flavors to perk up your day. Orange marmalade is in the scone dough and can be used on top too. Serve with tea and clotted cream if you are feeling especially British and are making the most of tea time. Oranges bring a bright, zesty addition to …

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Homemade chocolate swirl bread

Chocolate Swirl Bread

Chocolate Swirl Bread is an impressive homemade bread that is actually easy to make. The chocolate filling is layered into the dough then rolled up tightly into a log. A few simple steps let you twist and braid the dough into a swirled mix of dough and chocolate. I found this Chocolate Swirl Bread recipe …

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mini toffee banana bread

Mini Toffee Banana Bread

I have a new favorite: toffee banana bread with caramel sauce. You will agree that it is banana bread amplified on many levels. I read many food magazines each month and it’s always a real treat when I have a copy of British food magazines. My mother-in-law sent me a holiday themed magazine recently and my …

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Spice muffins with persimmons

Spiced Muffins with Persimmons

Spiced muffins with persimmons would be the perfect start to your Thanksgiving day. The spices release deep aromas to fill your house with that Thanksgiving feeling and trying a fruit that you might not typically bake with gives yet another reason for thanks. So much of this Thanksgiving week is spent working on the dinner …

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Honey Spice Cake

Honey Spice Bread

Can you smell my Honey Spice Bread this month? The spices of cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and fennel seed combine with the sweetness of the honey to create a deepness of flavor not often found in a quick bread. Part of the magic must be due to the cooking method of baking at a low temperature …

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