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Bread Recipes

Honey Spice Cake

Honey Spice Bread

Can you smell my Honey Spice Bread this month? The spices of cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and fennel seed combine with the sweetness of the honey to create a deepness of flavor not often found in a quick bread. Part of the magic must be due to the cooking method of baking at a low temperature …

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Onion Bacon fantan

Onion Bacon Fantans

Onion Bacon Fantans are a homemade bread with a fancy name but a simple process. Layer onion-bacon jam in between layers of dough then bake in a muffin tin to achieve this beautiful shaped bread. Fantan rolls in Southern Living magazine recently caught my eye; their version is a caramel-apple fantan and it looks scrumptious! …

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Peach Oat quick bread with streusel topping

Peach Oat Quick Bread

Today I am sharing this peach oat quick bread. It is the sort of bread that you might eat for breakfast, or with a morning cup of coffee, or an afternoon break with some tea. Anytime, really. My favorite part is the streusel topping. I think I’ll find more reasons to bake muffins and breads …

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Overhead photo of focaccia buns in cast iron pan

Focaccia Buns

  Focaccia buns fit right into the theme of summer buns with the #Twelve Loaves baking group. From breakfast to supper to meals in between, summer buns describe a variety of breads. Rolls such as hamburger buns and hoagie rolls seem to be at every picnic as the summer months go by. I chose to …

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two small potato rolls

Mashed Potato Rolls

  Mashed potato rolls feel like a real accomplishment when you pull these little pillows of bread out of the oven but they are really not all that complicated. Homemade bread is simple with this easy bread recipe! Beautiful homemade bread from left over mashed potatoes– yes! This bread— mashed potato rolls —is a new …

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Sliced loaf of French Bread

Easy French Bread

Making homemade bread doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow this recipe originally from the Food Network to make two loaves of French bread at home. Today could be the day you have homemade French Bread along with your dinner. And I don’t mean the kind of bread you buy at the store and warm up …

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Brioche rolls in a pottery bowl

Homemade Brioche Rolls

Brioche rolls develop their rich dough with eggs and butter. An overnight rise allows time for the dough to develop. This recipe for brioche rolls comes from the magazine, Cooking Light, and these dinner rolls will deepen your confidence in baking bread at home.  What is brioche? Brioche is a rich, yeast bread. It is …

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Whole Wheat Pita Bread

 Simple ingredients and a straightforward recipe come together in this Whole Wheat Pita Bread. Baking bread at home is so rewarding– the aroma, the soft bread, and the satisfaction of creating this pita bread at home are well worth the effort. The idea of a whole wheat pita bread to start of my baking this …

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Homemade tomato basil bread

Tomato Basil Bread

Tomato basil bread will have your home smelling heavenly as it bakes. Homemade bread victory! Especially when you are making a copycat of Panera Tomato Basil Bread recipe.  Oh this is such a pretty bread…not just tasty but truly something special to admire. I can hardly believe how easy it was to make. I’ve had …

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