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Christmas Spritz Cookies in the shape of trees and wreaths

Spritz Cookies

Baking Spritz Cookies with a Cookie Press gives a uniformity unmatched by most other baking methods. This traditional cardamon spiced Christmas cookie can be made in many shapes– flowers, wreaths, or trees– and left plain or decorated with icing.    Your holiday baking (or eating!) might not be complete without these traditional Spritz cookies. This …

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cranberry orange sauce in a white bowl

Cranberry-Orange Sauce

Orange zest and freshly squeezed orange juice brighten up the traditional holiday cranberry side dish in this cranberry orange sauce. Make this cranberry orange sauce ahead of time to relieve some of the holiday stress on the big day. In the quest to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner there always seems to be some panic …

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Overhead photo of ginger pear Bundt cake with cream cheese frosting.

Ginger Pear Bundt Cake

Change up your traditional Thanksgiving desserts with this Ginger Pear Bundt Cake. This warmly spiced cake is topped with a cream cheese frosting.  Welcome to November! This month’s bundt-baking-get-together, hosted by Baker Street and Cake Duchess has the theme of SPICE.  When I came across this recipe for a pear-spice bundt cake by Martha Stewart, …

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Homemade tomato basil bread

Tomato Basil Bread

Tomato basil bread will have your home smelling heavenly as it bakes. Homemade bread victory! Especially when you are making a copycat of Panera Tomato Basil Bread recipe.  Oh this is such a pretty bread…not just tasty but truly something special to admire. I can hardly believe how easy it was to make. I’ve had …

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apricot galette before baking

Apricot Galette

Apricot galette is a dessert that can change throughout the year depending on your available, fresh ingredients. A galette is a free-form pastry usually topped with fruit. It’s also a great way to avoid making a double-crust pie. Call it “rustic” and your dessert is an instant success! I love how easy it was to …

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Hot Pepper Jelly

Homemade hot pepper jelly is a spicy and sweet jelly that you’ll love using on everything from meats to crackers. This condiment has grown in popularity and is used for appetizers, glazes, dips, spreads and more! Hot pepper jelly may not sound like your typical fruit jelly or jam but give it a try in …

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lavender shortbread with cup of tea

Lavender Shortbread

 The addition of lavender to traditional shortbread dough elevates this lavender shortbread and makes it ready for a special occasion– tea time, wedding showers, baby showers, and Mother’s Day come to mind. We recently returned from a visit to Bermuda where in the hotel tea is served every afternoon with sweet treats along side. This …

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Flower Cookies

Spring is finally here and I think I’ve caught the flower bug: fruit flower bouquets, cupcake rose bouquets and now flower cookies have all created a bit of sunshine in my kitchen! Flower cookies can be decorated with royal icing or made simply like these Spritz Flower Cookies.  My sister shared with me a recipe …

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cupcake rose bouquet

Cupcake Rose Bouquet

Who needs a dozen long stemmed roses when this cupcake rose bouquet is an option instead? Giving the gift of cupcakes in this lovely presentation will bring a smile to anyone’s face. While you could make this for Mother’s Day, birthdays, teacher appreciation day, Father’s Day, you really don’t have to wait for a particular …

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how to make a fruit bouquet

How to Make a DIY Fruit Bouquet

Make this fruit bouquet the centerpiece for your next party! It’s healthy, colorful, and festive! Assembling the bouquet takes very little time and costs far less than a flower or fruit arrangement delivery. Fruit bouquet and edible fruit arrangements have become a popular business and, in my experience, are a lovely delivery to receive. Why …

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Pecan Praline Sauce

Pecan Praline Sauce is all the goodness of a pecan pie trapped in a jar to be enjoyed all year long. Drizzle this sauce over ice cream, waffles, pound cake, or even brie and you’ll have the most-requested homemade gift made in your kitchen. Ingredients:2 cups of corn syrup (dark, light or a combination)½ cup …

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Simple Chocolate Fudge

This simple chocolate fudge could not be easier to make. Other than buying fudge from the store, you simply can’t take any fewer steps or ingredients to come up with this delicious result of simple chocolate fudge. Use chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and butter. That’s it, three ingredients and you’re on your way to …

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