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Free Printables Library

Welcome to my collection of e-books and free printables!

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Table of Contents
Sports themed party favor labels
Mason jar labels for jam, jelly, marmalade, and fruit curd
School themed labels (Pi Label)
Macaron Piping Template
Readers’ Favorites E-Book

I am so glad you are here. This library will continue to grow and I’d love your input. What images would you find helpful? What occasions are you celebrating? What jams and jellies are you making? How can I help make your homemade food gifts special and meaningful.

Email me at [email protected] to let me know. I value your suggestions but can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to create every requested label.

Tips for printables:

    • Printables are for personal use only. You may not use them for your own business. Please contact me at [email protected] if you’d like to purchase the rights to any one of these printables for professional use.

Sports themed birthday party favor labels

These sports themed stickers can be added to party favor bags or party gifts. They add a personal touch and a grateful note of appreciation.

Below you’ll see an image of what will go on the label as well as a suggested cookie to bake along with it for your celebration.

The sports printables below are 2 inch circles with 12 per page. They are best printed at home or at your local printing shop on a sheet of 2 inch diameter labels. Click here to buy the Avery product 22817 on Amazon.

Directions and step by step photos for how to make these sports themed cookies are on individual pages for the following:

When you click on each photo you’ll be taken to a new window. The window will display the full sheet of 12 labels. You will be able to print directly from that page or save the file and take it to a local printing shop to print it in color on labels there.

Bowling printable photo and cookies for bowling partyBasketball cookie and printable label for party favorsBaseball printable label and cookies for sports party

Football label printable image and cookies for football party

Soccer Label and Printable

Golf Ball label Happy 70th BirthdayGolf label Happy 80th BirthdayHave a ball golf label for free printable

Worlds best dad free label printableHappy Mothers Day golf lable printableTeacher Appreciation Printable golf label

Mason Jar Labels for Jam, Jelly, Marmalade and Fruit Curd

The printables below are 2 inch circles with 12 per page. They are best printed at home or at your local printing shop on a sheet of 2 inch diameter labels. Click here to buy the Avery product 22817 on Amazon.

Recipes for these jams, jellies, marmalades, and fruit curds & fruit butters are on my site.

Follow these links to get to individual recipe pages. Click on the photos below to open up the labels.

Image for grape jelly label and printableImage for Cranberry butter label and printableImage for blood orange labels and printables

Image for orange marmalade and printable on resource library pageImage for lemon curd and printable labelsImage for apple butter label and printableCara cara label image and photo of cara cara marmalade

School Themed Labels

Have a fun math party on Pi Day! Pi Day is celebrated every March 14th — the greek letter Pi is a mathematical ratio that is approximately 3.14; therefore March 14th is 3/14. Bake pie or celebrate with Pi Cookies! Either way this math printable will delight your young (and young at heart) mathematicians.

Pi cookies and pi math label

Macaron Piping Template

This macaron piping template is very useful when you are trying to make uniformly sized macaron shells.

There are two methods to using this sheet.

The first method is to print the document then to use it as a tracing template. Lay parchment over the template and trace all of the circles onto your parchment. Turn the parchment over (so that your food doesn’t come in contact with the pen ink or pencil lead) and pipe your macarons.

The second option is to print the document and place it on your baking tray. Place parchment over the template, pipe your macarons, and then carefully slide the template out from under your piped macarons. Important: The paper cannot go in the oven. It will burn and you risk starting a fire. 

Click on the thumnail below to open the full template in a new window. You will be able to print it or download it.

Thumbnail photo for macaron template

All printables are for personal use only. If you require a business license please email me at [email protected]  Thanks!

Readers’ Favorites E-Book

Here’s  my e-book filled with reader favorites. You can find these recipes and ideas on my site but it helps to have them all in one place in this e-book.

Cover page for e book with Pinterest favorite recipes and ideas from A baker's house

…More to come soon!

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