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Hole In One Golf Cookies

Oh what fun to have a hole in one to celebrate! If you or a loved one is lucky enough to make a hole in one on the golf course, make these adorable hole in one golf cookies to mark the special occasion!

Hole in one cut out cookies with golf ball on a marble board

Are you in the small group of people who have made a hole in one on the golf course? Congratulations! I hope to join that elite club one day. Here are other golf cookies to delight the golf fans in your life: Masters Golf Cookies.

Making cookies decorated in royal icing for others makes me happy so when my mom called to share the news of her first hole in one I knew that hole in one golf cookies were in order. I would have loved to have seen her hole in one celebration but sharing cookies was the next best step.

Happily these cookies made it through the mail to her (and to my grandmother too) and it sounds like they brightened her day! Let me walk you through the steps:

Steps to make hole in one golf cookies:

  1. Make sugar cookie dough.
  2. Cut out cookies in the #1 shape. Add a hole near the bottom.
  3. Bake the golf cookies.
  4. Decorate with green royal icing then add the flag and a golf ball in the hole.

First, find a number one cookie cutter. Yes, you could use a rectangle or a circle even and then make the shape of the one with icing, but I like the effect and shape that a number one gives to these cookies. My hole in one golf cookies are about 3 inches tall like this cookie cutter. There is also a larger option of 4 inches.

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Cut out your sugar cookie dough and then make an indentation with a small circle– the bottom of a wooden spoon works well. Experiment to see what you prefer: a cut all the way through literally makes a HOLE in ONE or I opted to leave some dough on the bottom creating a golf hole and later placing a sugar “ball” in the hole.

Make a hole using a spoon in your cookies

Can we talk for a moment about the importance of freezing your dough before baking? No matter what your recipe states, always take the time to let the dough rest in the freezer. This allows the ingredients to cool such that the butter doesn’t melt too quickly in the oven.

Here are three samples- the top row was baked directly after cutting the cookies from the dough, the second row was put in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, and the third row was put in the freezer for 15 minutes. Clear winner = freezer.

six baked cookies on a parchment lined baking sheet

Let’s zip through the next few steps– when you are ready to decorate, make your royal icing in green for the background, white for the flag pole, and red (or any color you choose) for the flag.

green background for hole in one golf cookies

Let the green icing dry before adding the white pole and the red flag.

White golf pole on green cookies
red golf flag on green hole in one cookies

Now let the cookies dry overnight before using a Wilton Food Writer Pen to add some detail. A dashed black line gives the impression of the golf ball flying through the air towards the golf cup.

decorate hole in one cookies with wilton food writer pen

You could stop there but why not add a layer of texture to create grass around the green. Wilton Green Cake Sparkles are perfect for the job. White sugar pearls make a cute addition for the golf ball.

Green sparkles add texture for grass on these cookies

And there you have it, your finished product of hole in one golf cookies. Now get out to the course and give it a try! You never know when it will be your day (or mine!) to make a hole in one.

Do you need more advice on decorating with icing? The Brown Eyed Baker has a great post on how to decorate with royal icing. She takes the mystery right out of the process!

three golf cookies on a red plate

Making cookies is only half of the task– sending them across the miles is the second step. To ensure that the cookies arrive intact and looking beautiful, take care to package them.

Start with a smaller box then use plenty of bubble wrap to create a cocoon of sorts for your cookies as you place them in a larger shipping box. For more tips check out this post I wrote about how to package cookies for the mail.

How to Make Golf Cookies

Hole in one cookies

Celebrate a hole in one or make golf cookies for your favorite golfer with these cookies!

Prep Time 20 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes


  • Baked sugar cookies
  • Royal icing
  • Green cake sprinkles
  • Wilton FoodWriter Pen


  • Cookie cutter
  • Icing Piping Bag
  • Icing Tips


  1. Make sugar cookie dough.
  2. Cut out cookies in the #1 shape. Add a hole near the bottom by pressing in with the end of a wooden spoon. You may put the hole all the way through or leave it closed if you wish to later add a "ball".
  3. Bake the golf cookies. Press in again with the end of the wooden spoon when the cookies are freshly out of the oven. Let the cookies dry completely before moving on to the icing.
  4. Decorate with green royal icing then add the flag and a golf ball in the hole.Let each step dry before moving to the next. Green icing on the base layer then the flag stick and flag are applied after the green layer dries. Finally add the black dotted line with a Wilton FoodWriter Pen to show the path of the ball.


Wrap the cookies individually in bags and tie with twine or ribbon. Package carefully before shipping.

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Get the Golf Party Favor Free Printable

A great reason to make decorated golf cookies is to celebrate a birthday. If your family is celebrating a sports themed birthday party, print these labels for golf party favors or to make your own thank you notes.

golf hope you had a ball label image

Access my FREE Printables Library. You’ll be able to download a sheet of 12 labels that you can print at home. These labels are perfect for party favors or to make your own thank you notes.

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Looking for more ideas for celebration cookies?

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