Creative Gift Packaging for Cookies

Cookies make a wonderful gift for friends, neighbors, relatives, teachers, and anyone else who you want to show appreciation and gratitude. Now that you’ve decided to bake up a storm, how are you going to present your goodies? Take the extra step to package your cookies with care. We all eat with our eyes first and receiving a beautifully wrapped gift of food only makes the recipient that much more excited to dig right in. Here’s the secret—your packaging does not have to be flashy or expensive. Try this easy method to make your own tower of treats using an empty can of Pringles.

Pringles can
Wrapping paper
Wax paper, Parchment or Freezer paper
Glue or spray adhesive
muffin cups/liners

1. Cut the wrapping paper so that it wraps around the can. My measurements of 10 inches wide by 10 1/2 inches long seemed to be a good fit. Leaving a little space at the top and bottom is fine because you’ll add ribbon later to cover the gap.
2. Use glue or spray adhesive to adhere the wrapping paper to the outside of the can.
3. Cut the ribbon and wrap it around the top and bottom of the tube. Glue it or use spray adhesive to stick it in place.
4. Cut the wax paper a similar size (10 by 10.5 inches) and roll it so that it fits inside of the can. I did not use any glue inside, the tube of wax paper stays put fairly well.
5. I found that the muffin cups helped to cushion the cookies in the can. They hardly moved even when I shook the container, which would be a great feature for cookies that are sent through the mail.  Put one cookie in each muffin cup and slide into the tube.
6. Now go make someone happy! You have an ideal hostess gift, teacher gift, or holiday surprise.

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  1. says

    These are so adorable and what a labor of love to have to eat all of those potato chips so you have the empty containers. Ahhhh, the sacrifices we make for those we love! 😉

  2. says

    Now isn’t that pretty? My biggest job each year is to find inexpensive containers for the food gifts I make. These have the additional advantage of forcing me to eat some Pringles. Who am I kidding? I don’t buy them only because I could eat an entire can in one sitting!

  3. says

    Now why didnt I ever think of this! Awesome idea Holly! We have pringles containers they look so nice! Thanks for sharing this, I will try to do this next week!

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