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French toast muffins with raisins on white plate with syrup and fork

French Toast Muffins

French Toast Muffins: the beauty of French toast collides with the ease of a make-ahead mini-muffin creation. Muffin tins– whether they are regular size or the mini size used here– make recipe preparation and serving sizes very simple. I partnered with #Sprouts Farmers Market this month to have fun with Bite Sized Brunch recipes and these …

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Pistachio Cranberry Rugelach

Add this recipe for pistachio cranberry rugelach to your holiday baking this year. The soft cream cheese dough is wrapped around a citrus, pistachio and cranberry filling. What is rugelach? Rugelach is a cookie which here is made with a soft cream cheese dough that is wrapped around a filling of nuts and dried fruit. …

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White Chocolate Pretzel Bark

White Chocolate Pretzel Bark is layer upon layer of sweet and salty. Chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and pretzels create the perfect bite. It is the season of giving and even though I usually think that giving is far more rewarding than receiving, I have to say that I was thoroughly excited when I received two …

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tray of strawberry filled jam thumbprint cookies

Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Jam thumbprint cookies are a classic Christmas cookie. A soft, shortbread cookie is filled with homemade jam to make these festive holiday cookies. What ingredients are in thumbprint cookies? flour, baking powder, salt butter, sugar, egg, vanilla jam How do you make thumbprint cookies? Gently whisk together the dry ingredients of flour, baking powder and …

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linzer sandwich cookies

Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies are a lovely sandwich cookies that let the filling shine through. Cherry preserves, strawberry jam or lemon curd all make perfect fillings. Linzer Cookies are a treat most often shared around Christmas but there is nothing holding you back from making these cookies any time of year. Think heart-shaped cut-outs for Valentine’s Day, strawberry or blueberry …

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Sugar cookies with sprinkles on a wire cooling rack

Sugar Cookies

A reliable sugar cookie recipe is a must in this season of baking! This recipe produces a dough that is easy to roll out and cookies that don’t spread while baking. These cut out cookies are made with a Whole Foods recipe provided by Chef Elyse at the newly opened Bradburn Whole Foods. She gave …

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Raisin and Nut Wreath Bread

Add a festive touch to your holiday table with this stunning raisin and nut bread wreath. The technique of braiding the strands of dough is not as hard as you might think and the process creates an impressive visual effect. This raisin and nut wreath bread is a recipe from the website for The Telegraph, …

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