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Gluten Free Cookie Recipes

Whether you are new to gluten free baking or a seasoned gluten free chef, there is always something new to learn about baking gluten free.

Start here to learn about the tips and tricks of Gluten Free Baking to get started.

What is gluten? 

Gluten is protein found in wheat flour and other ingredients that contributes to baked goods having their characteristic stretch, strength, and elasticity when baked.

People who have celiac disease cannot have ANY gluten in their diets. Even if you do not have celiac disease, you may be gluten intolerant and also must avoid all gluten.

Eating gluten free is not a health trend or a fad: there are many people who must eat gluten free to have a healthy life.

Lemon Almond Flour Cookies

Lemon Almond Flour Cookies are a naturally gluten free lemon cookie recipe with an optional lemon glaze on top. Share these gluten free cookies with a cold glass of Horizon® Organic milk! This post is sponsored by  Horizon®. All opinions, comments and content shared on A Baker’s House are my own and do not necessarily represent …

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Pumpkin Bars {gluten free}

Gluten free pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting are likely to be your most requested pumpkin dessert. These dense pumpkin bars studded with mini chocolate chips are the perfect gluten free dessert for your Thanksgiving table. This post is sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market. I appreciate the opportunity to share recipes made with ingredients from brands …

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Strawberry Pudding Cookies

Strawberry pudding cookies are perfect for your Valentines celebrations! These pink cookies are festive and sweet and make a festive homemade gift. White chocolate chips look like little hearts in this Valentine’s Day dessert. Pink cookies or even pink and white cookies were my goal in baking this cookie recipe. I love a gingerbread recipe …

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