Tomato Basil Bread

Oh this is such a pretty bread…not just tasty but truly something special to admire. I can hardly believe how easy it was to make. I’ve had my share of bread flops. I usually blame it on the altitude here in Denver, but, truth be told, that might not be the case. No reason to look for excuses on this bread—from start to finish the bread-making process was simple and hassle free. I followed a recipe shared on the blog, The Keenan Cookbook. They did an excellent job presenting the recipe so I’ll link to it here. I found their recipe while searching online for an imitation of Panera Bread’s tomato basil bread. This bread satisfied that criteria and surpassed my expectations.

You do not need a standing mixer to make this bread. I mixed the dough in a bowl, kneaded it per the instructions, played tennis for an hour, then came back to find my dough happily ready for the next step. I am a beginner when it comes to making bread at home and this was SO easy! I can’t wait to use it for grilled cheese, croutons, and more. I especially want to recreate the vegetarian sandwich that I ordered at Panera. I hope to share that success story here another time.

Thanks to Chris and Rachel at The Keenan Cookbook for this recipe.

I may submit this link to the Wild Yeast Blog.

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    So glad you liked this recipe Holly, and thanks for sharing it! I’ve had as many successes as failures with my bread baking, but this one was definitely one of the easiest (and possibly tastiest!). Yours looks like it came out fantastic :)

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      Hi Sarah, No, I didn’t have to adjust for the elevation. Sometimes I add a little flour and decrease the sugar slightly. Also adding a tablespoon or two of water has helped in other recipes. I don’t always have luck with baking bread but this recipe somehow came together easily. (I am at 5300 feet by the way.) Let me know if it works for you. Holly

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