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Uses for Plum Jam

Do you have a lot of plums? A plum tree or perhaps you’ve been shopping at Costco and brought home a ton of plums? Learning how to make plum jam is the first step in using an abundance of plum jams. Finding uses for plum jam is the next step that I hope to help you solve here in this post. 

Collage with images of recipes that use plum jam

Plum season may typically be a summertime span of months but plum jam can be enjoyed all year long! When you are trying to figure out what to make with plum jam, there are many possibilities. 

From breakfast to lunch to dinner to snacks and desserts, plum jam is a great ingredient to incorporate into your recipes.

Ways to use plum jam

Of course, if you have jam of any kind, you can use it in the usual ways– spread on toast, layered in a sandwich like this grilled cheese and preserves sandwich, drizzled on top of pound cake, or simply with yogurt or ice cream.

Here are some of my favorite recipes. Let me know if you try any of these at home! Leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram @abakershouse or #abakershouse.

More creative uses for plum jam include these recipes:

Do you have more suggestions for plum jam recipes? I would love to learn from you! Let me know what you make with your homemade jam. If you created a recipe with plum jam on your website and want it included here, please drop me an email. The more plum jam recipes the better!

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