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Gluten free

Stack of almond flour sugar cookies on a white plate with milk in background

Almond Flour Sugar Cookies

Almond flour sugar cookies are nod to the classic sugar cookie but are made with ingredients that are gluten free. These round, thin cookies are formed from balls of cookie dough that are rolled in sugar before baking. The result is a homemade gluten free treat with a crunchy outside and slightly chewy inside. They …

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butterscotch cookies

Gluten Free Butterscotch Cookies

Gluten Free Butterscotch Cookies are a classic butterscotch cookie made with gluten free ingredients. This thin yet chewy old fashioned butterscotch cookie will delight your gluten free friends and family!  How is butterscotch made? Butterscotch traditionally is made by combining brown sugar with melted butter, then adding heavy cream and a touch of vanilla. These …

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football bites covered chocolate almonds with football decorations

Football Brownie Bites

Football Food is Game Day Food! Get ready for football season with football brownie bites topped with chocolate covered almond footballs. Sprouts brand organic pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice are the secret ingredients that welcome fall flavors.  You didn’t expect the pumpkin, did you?  The addition of pumpkin provides moisture to these brownies without the …

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Blueberry galette on a white plate with Sprouts farmers market butter

Gluten Free Blueberry Galette

Gluten Free Blueberry Galette is a dessert made in partnership Sprouts Farmers Market . It pays homage to Bastille Day, the July 14th French holiday that commemorates a turning point in the French Revolution in 1789. This national French holiday is celebrated in a similar fashion to the American July 4th with parades and fireworks. Let the …

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carrot flatbread on a baking pan with blue napkin

Grain-free Nutty Carrot Flatbread

Grain-free carrot flatbread is straight out of the pages of one of my favorite magazines, Cooking Light. The October 2016 issue shared this grain-free veggie bread. Its base is shredded carrots then it is filled with nuts and seeds along with spices. Eggs bind the ingredients before you press the mixture into a sheet pan. …

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gluten free cinnamon roll

Gluten free Cinnamon Rolls

Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls: did you think that soft, gooey cinnamon rolls were not an option when you started eating gluten free? I did, until this recipe! Make gluten free cinnamon rolls at home and bring back the smells and joy of baking bread . Rolls can lift any meal. Pasta …

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Stack of three pumpkin macarons

Pumpkin Macarons

Pumpkin Macarons are a seasonal twist on standard macarons and well worth your time. Pumpkin pie spice adds flavor to the shells and pumpkin butter elevates the filling. I made pumpkin treats which take basic macarons to silly-holiday-fun when you add a jack-o-lantern face. Let the kids get involved and decorate their own! Or keep it simple …

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Coconut Macaroons

Easy Coconut Macaroons

Easy Coconut Macaroons are chewy, baked, sweet bundles of coconut, sugar, and egg whites. Perfect for Passover dessert or for our gluten free dessert lovers! Passover is approaching and my friend hosts quite a feast for her family and loved ones. It sounds like she has been doing this for years and is well prepared– …

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