Almond Lace Cookies

almond lace cookies

Do you have a favorite food magazine that you look forward to each month? I do– Cooking Light! I’ve had my subscription for years beginning with my first year after college graduation and the realization that I had to start cooking for myself. I’ve learned technique, meal planning strategies and flavor pairings as I’ve read… 

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Apple Cake for Passover

Passover apple cake

  I wrote last week about baking some goodies for my friend to enjoy for her family’s Passover feast when I made coconut macaroons. This apple cake is my next attempt to add more baked goods to the festivities. This easy apple cake could start your day for breakfast, be served as an afternoon snack or… 

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Orange Marmalade Scones #TwelveLoaves

orange marmalade scones

Oranges bring a bright, zesty addition to baked goods so this month the #TwelveLoaves bakers are bringing you the best of our orange breads from quick breads, to yeast breads and everything in between. Choose oranges– the juice or the zest, marmalade, jams, candied orange peel and more. Just make your bread ORANGE and join… 

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