Cherry Pie with Whole Wheat Crust and a #WholeFoods #Giveaway

whole wheat pie pastry cherry

  Summer is in full swing and fresh fruits are ripe for the picking for your desserts: grilled peaches, blueberry cobblers, strawberry shortcakes just to name a few on my list of things-to-bake-right-now! One favorite that I checked off my go-to summer foods list is Cherry Pie. Oddly enough I can’t recall the last time I baked a… 

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Make your own Granola Bars with a #WholeFoods #Giveaway

outdoor bars whole foods

Summer has arrived and I hope you are finding time to enjoy the great outdoors! Here in Colorado there is so much to see and do–biking, hiking, rock climbing and more.  I’m fortunate to have friends who encourage each other to explore nature while exercising too. Thanks to my friend, LeAnn, I’ve biked from our suburb south… 

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