Bowling Pin and Bowling Ball Cookies

Here is the second (and last) post I’ll share with the bowling birthday party theme. The first was bowling cupcake toppers made with fondant. Today’s bowling fun is all about cookies. Aren’t these fun? The bowling pin and bowling ball cookies made an easy favor to give the kids as they left the bowling alley. They had little toys from the games they played in the arcade so I didn’t want to send them home with more junk stuff, instead I went with my favorite treat—more sugar!

If I had planned ahead I would have ordered a bowling pin cookie cutter online, but as I didn’t I was forced to get creative and it worked out really well. The bowling pins started out as snowmen; the snowmen cookie shapes had their hats trimmed off and also had their middles thinned down a bit to transform them into bowling pins. You’ll have to try this method with shapes at your house because it is so satisfying to create a new form out of a completely different cookie cutter.  Snowmen to Bowling Pins, who would have known it could be so easy? The bowling balls needed no extra thought—a basic circle with a few dots included for the holes.

I have learned a lot about cookie decorating from Bridget Edward’s blog, Bake at 350, and her book, Decorating Cookies.  Her recipe for cut-out cookies is the best I’ve come across. The cookie dough hardly changes shape while in the oven and the taste and texture of the cookies keeps you reaching for more. Use Bridget’s sugar cookie recipe and her royal icing recipe too.  You’ll be making beautiful cookies in no time if you follow her advice!

I tied these cookies in a bag with red ribbon and included a label that said “Thanks for coming to my party, I hope you had a ball!” These could be modified for so many sports. Click here if you want the bowling version to download and print at home. This file is formatted to 2 inch circle stickers from Avery product 22817.

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    • says

      Hi Karen, thanks!The cookies got smiles from nearly all the kids- even my own son liked the idea, though he won’t eat anything close to a cookie. Each year I think he’ll try birthday cake but still, no luck. maybe next year! I’ll keep hoping.

  1. says

    What a great goodie bag treat! They are really cute. I love seeing how people multi use cookie cutters. I tried to figure out what you used before I continued to read the post but couldn’t figure out why anyone would have a light bulb cookie cutter to begin with :) (Obviously mult-using cookie cutters is not my forte)Using the snowman cutter is very clever.

    • says

      Hi Wendy, oh a light bulb cookie cutter would be cute. I bet that exists– maybe for science class project or something? Also I considered using a baby’s bottle cookie cutter too– saw one in a store but didn’t have one at home when I got started on the cookies.

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  3. Shweta says

    These look great..Am making these for my son’s birthday party.. What paper punch did you use to get the scallop circles?

    • says

      I used a paper punch that I bought at Michaels, I believe it was the 2 or 2.5 inch scallop circle perhaps a Martha Stewart brand? Happy Birthday to your son!

  4. Grandma Helen's Cakes says

    My granddaughter is having a bowling bday party – I always make the cake for their parties but now I’m stumped, hope you can help me out. I thought I could have bowling pins standing on top of a sheet cake. Do you think the ‘snowman’ cut outs would stand up ok on a cake? Would I need something to support the cookie in standing position? Like what?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • says

      Hi! My grandmother always made our birthday cakes and it still brings me happy memories all of these years later. I am sure your granddaughter will be thrilled with the cake you make. You can buy bowling pin candles that look cute on top of a cake. Decorate the top of the cake with icing to look like a bowling lane and then add the candles. Another option is a cake shaped like a bowling pin and ball like this one I made. The photos aren’t great but do give you an idea of the concept. Hope it is a fun celebration!

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