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Cut out cookies

Football Cookies

Cheer on your football team with these football sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. These decorated sugar cookies make for a perfect Super Bowl dessert! Football cookies are ready to brighten up your football tailgating, team party, or Super Bowl event. Super Bowl excitement is reaching all-time highs here in Denver! We are all cheering …

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Seagull Cookies

Who is ready for a day at the beach with these adorable seagull cookies? Make sugar cut out cookies in the shape of seagulls for your summer celebrations and beach parties. Decorate these seagull cookies with white royal icing and then layers of gray and black applied with a paintbrush.  Seagull cookies bring a bit …

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basketball cookies

Basketball Cookies

Basketball cookies are perfect for a basketball team celebration, a sports themed birthday party, for cheering on your favorite professional basketball team, or for the time of year called March Madness when college teams in the NCAA play for the championship! Learn how to make these sugar cookies decorated like basketballs! Basketball Cookies! Brackets! Underdogs! …

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Pumpkin spice cut out cookies on a granite countertop

Pumpkin Spice Cut Out Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Cut Out Cookies start with a basic cookie dough to which pumpkin spice is added. Cut them out then decorate with pumpkin colors and these are festive and fun for pumpkin season! The season of pumpkins is all around us and this month we are happy to share our favorite pumpkin cookie recipes. …

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Jam Sandwich Cookies

A baking group I bake with each month is thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day in our group posts today. We are baking cookies with plenty of red and pink! I made these simple butter-based jam sandwich cookies and with some cherry jam in between two cookies, this treat really becomes something special and worthy of …

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