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Mocha biscotti on a wire baking rack

Mocha Biscotti

Have you baked biscotti before? The process of baking a log of dough first, then slicing it and baking the individual pieces again, is a special way to bake. Mocha biscotti finds its flavor pumped up with espresso powder and chocolate chips. How to bake biscotti: This mocha biscotti (or type of cookie) is just …

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Cinnamon rolls cookies on wire cooling rack

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Cinnamon Roll Cookies are a playful recipe that gives you the swirl of a cinnamon roll in a cookie bite.  These darling cookies look like cinnamon rolls, taste like a crunchy version of cinnamon rolls, and use a lot of the same techniques as you would in making actual rolls (minus the yeasted dough obviously!). …

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