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Nectarine Drop Cookies

six nectarine drop cookies on baking sheet

Here’s a recipe for peach drop cookies from Martha Stewart which I baked on my new baking mats from Kitchen Executive Chef. Any stone fruit would work well; I used nectarines.

The dough is a somewhat sticky consistency– diced nectarines combined with jam along with the usual cookie ingredients of flour, salt, butter, eggs and more create a dough best dropped onto a baking sheet with spoons or a small melon baller.

The end result is a soft, pillow-like cookie that I found best enjoyed on the first day. Due to the moisture in the diced fruit, the texture of these cookies changed after a day or so in a covered container (and not in a good way).

I will make these again with other stone fruits and might even combine a few in the same cookie to see how that goes– I am sure it would be a wonderful way to enjoy summer’s bounty!

Baking with nectarines is a highlight of summer. Try these blueberry nectarine muffins.

Does anyone else think that adding fruit to a cookie must make it a health food? Or even just a little closer to being a healthy choice? …no? Oh well, I can only wish that the nectarines in these delightful cookies did just that because this recipe is a great way to bake with fruit this month. 

The August theme for #CreativeCookieExchange is Summer Bounty and stone fruits came to my mind right away–peaches, nectarines and plums were in my kitchen.

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