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Drizzle of lemon curd made int he Vitamix coming off of spoon

Lemon Curd in the Vitamix

Lemon curd in the Vitamix is a delightful lemon spread made with eggs, sugar, butter, and, of course, lemons! The Vitamix makes this recipe a breeze. It is so fun to watch right before your eyes as the ingredients are whipped together, heated, and somewhat magically transform into this curd, a beautiful fruit and sugar …

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Lemon Curd in the microwave

Lemon Curd in the Microwave

Making Lemon Curd in the Microwave is a quick way to turn lemons into lemon curd. The traditional ingredients of lemons, sugar, eggs and butter come together in three minutes with this easy microwave lemon curd recipe. Enjoy this luscious fruit spread! What is Lemon Curd? Lemon curd is a bright and delicious way to …

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Jar filled with orange lemon marmalade

Orange Lemon Marmalade

Bright and citrus-filled, homemade orange lemon marmalade will brighten any winter’s morning. With a bit of preparation now, you can easily make and preserve this orange marmalade then enjoy it in the months to come. What is marmalade? Marmalade is a preserve- similar to a jam or jelly– that is made with citrus. Oranges are …

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lemon meltaway cookies

Lemon Meltaway Cookies

A bright bite of lemon sings in these lemon meltaway cookies. Perfect for wedding showers, baby showers, Easter, and spring celebrations. If you enjoy lemon cookies, you’ll love this recipe for gluten free lemon almond flour cookies! The seasons are changing and winter is fading to the new growth and life of spring. It is …

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