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Flower Cookies

Flower cookies on popsicle sticks that form a cookie bouquet
Spring is finally here and I think I’ve caught the flower bug: fruit flower bouquets, cupcake rose bouquets and now flower cookies have all created a bit of sunshine in my kitchen! Flower cookies can be decorated with royal icing or made simply like these Spritz Flower Cookies

My sister shared with me a recipe for sugar cookies from the blog, nineandsixteen. Here is the link to the recipe for the cookies and icing too. This was my first try making icing with meringue powder; I hope more practice will lead to a better consistency of icing but I was happy enough with the results here.

Once your cookies are completely cooled, ice around the edge of the cookie. Your icing should be of the thickness of glue. I also squeezed a circle in the middle of most of the cookies. Allow this icing to set completely then fill in the cookie with another shade of icing that has been thinned out with a small bit of water or lemon juice. The thinner consistency allows the icing to flood the surface of the cookie more easily.

Flower shaped sugar cookies n four photo collage showing steps to bake and ice

These flower cookies come alive when you add a “stem”—simply insert a lollipop stick into the dough before cooking. Try to put the stick in the middle of the dough, be sure to roll the dough at least 1/4 inch thick so that there is ample dough to cook around the stick which holds it in place.  Display in a container filled with jellybeans or put a Styrofoam insert  in the container and cover it with candies or tissue paper.
cookie flowers on lollipop sticks with four images to ice with royal icing

cupcake rose bouquet
Cupcake Rose Bouquet
lavender shortbread with cup of tea
Lavender Shortbread

Holly @

Friday 25th of May 2012

Thanks for letting me know about your link up, I'd love to join you there!

Jill @Two Yellow Birds Decor

Friday 25th of May 2012

These are so cute!!! What a fun little gift to give to some one! Thanks so much for sharing this as well at Thursday's Temptation.Jill


Thursday 24th of May 2012

Totally cute!! Thanks so much for sharing them!


Monday 21st of May 2012

Those are so dang cute! I love them!Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop :)Modern Modest Beauty

Holly @

Monday 21st of May 2012

Thanks for stopping by from the Blog Hop. I appreciate your comment! : )

Karyn - Pint Sized Baker

Monday 21st of May 2012

Those are cute flowers! I love decorated sugar cookies, but I never have the patience to outline, dry... flood, dry.... decorate, dry.... takes forever!!

Holly @

Monday 21st of May 2012

Hi Karyn, Thanks for leaving such a sweet note! I think I recall seeing some beautiful sugar cookies on your site this spring, didn't I? I'll have to check them out again later on, I know they were beautiful! I agree with you-- the waiting time is tough, especially with kids running around who want to eat the cookies. : )