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Can you spare a few minutes from your Black Friday shopping to think about how much you enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday? Good food, friends, family and time to relax. Wait, was there time to relax? I truly hope so but if you found yourself running around exhausted in the days leading up to Thanksgiving as you tried to plan the perfect menu, clean the house, bake a few dishes ahead of time and then cook all day Thursday, you know that holidays do not always mean time for relaxation. And for many who celebrate Christmas in a few weeks, we will be doing the run-around yet again! Whole Foods Market can help– maybe not with the cleaning the house bit (although they do sell products to assist with that too)– but with the food. Often it takes a change in habits to realize that we don’t have to do everything ourselves. Every dish does not have to be homemade by you in your kitchen in order for your family to enjoy it. Whole Foods online ordering CAN make your holidays easier.

Whole Foods Market has a Holiday Menu that can step in where you need a break. Having a party for friends with cocktails and appetizers? Order a few of the many appetizer platters that Whole Foods has to offer: Spanish Cheese Platter, Bruschetta Builder, or the Olive Sampler. Can’t figure out what main dish to serve for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Turkey, Spiral Sliced Ham, Salmon, or Prime Rib are fantastic ideas. Do you still want to cook your own main dish but have the side dishes prepared and ready to go? That is what I did for Thanksgiving: I bought a Diestel turkey breast from the meat department at Whole Foods then I was treated to the ease of premade side dishes: Garlic & Leek Mashed Potatoes, Wild Mushroom & Sage Gravy, Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Creamed Kale & Spinach. I quickly threw together a chunky cranberry sauce at home, baked an apple pie and dinner was done. The house smelled great, the food was gorgeous, yet I still had time for a morning run, an afternoon walk in the park with my family, and football-watching too. I actually relaxed! Would you like the whole meal prepared ahead of time? Holiday meals portioned for two, four or eight are designed for exactly that– leave the work to Whole Foods and enjoy the extra time (and clean kitchen) that awaits you. How will you benefit from Whole Foods Online Ordering this month? Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win a $50 gift card to Whole Foods Market.

Still need ideas of how to use your gift card? Here are a few:

  • Cater to the vegetarian, gluten-free or vegan friends who may be dining with you. I panic when I need to make dishes that must adhere to gluten-free, dairy-free, everything-free because I am worried that I’ll serve something tasteless. Not so. We ate the vegan mashed potatoes and the vegan wild mushroom gravy and were very pleasantly surprised; this was real food that tasted really good.
  • Take a meal to a friend or neighbor who may not be able to cook dinner this year. Is someone you know struggling with illness and would appreciate a ready-to-go meal?
  • So you’re not hosting but you want to contribute to the big holiday meal– offer to provide the main dish from Whole Foods (or maybe all of the side dishes) so that your mother/sister/brother/uncle/dear friend can have a lighter load.

Please note that all opinions here are my own. This post was made possible by Whole Foods through their Whole Foods Market Ambassador program. I was provided with dishes through their online ordering site and was given a gift card to purchase additional items. No monetary payment was made. This $50 gift card giveaway is for U.S residents only. There is no purchase necessary. There is no obligation to use the gift card for Online Ordering, you may use it at Whole Foods Market as you wish. Your email address will only be used for the purpose of contacting you if you are the winner. Rafflecopter will be used to select a winner at random at the end of the giveaway period (Friday, November 29th 12:00 AM through Saturday, December 7th 12:00 AM EST). Winner to be announced shortly thereafter and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification before another winner is selected.

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  1. says

    I’ve done this with friends before and the pickup day was scheduled for 12/25. Except they were closed on 12/25. Oops!! We survived because I had brought a great side dish and dessert and they had steaks!

    Lesson learned and Whole Foods was most generous because of that calendar snafu. When we had our makeup meal the food was fabulous.

  2. says

    I had no idea I could order online from them. At first I thought maybe not in Hawaii, but yes you can. I am looking at their Mediterranean Dipping Platter because we are doing a Greek Feast for Christmas.

  3. Anonymous says

    I haven’t order anything from WF online before – there is a store about 5 minutes from my house which is very convenient but I’d prob. order something for dessert – a pastry or cake.
    (Danielle F. /

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