Simply Street Food from #OmniHotels

Street food is no longer just what you might grab for a quick bite of lunch as you walk down a city block. It has evolved and grown in recent years to a near cult-following. There are facebook pages for particular cities’ street food. You can track where a specific food truck is located using a Street Food App (yes, there are multiple choices on iTunes, I checked!). And while you might travel the world sampling street food as you go in a journey to write a cookbook—check out this list of street food cookbooks available on—you could take a similar food adventure by visiting the nearest Omni Hotel. I had the pleasure of enjoying a street food feast at the Omni Hotel located near Denver, Colorado recently with three friends: Barb of Creative Culinary, Karen of Savoury Table, and Ansh of Spice Roots.

Omni Hotels wants you to “Travel the World in Just One Bite”. I’ll admit I took many bites of their street food offerings and was blown away by the menu they had created. The dishes were diverse, hailing from places as near as Boston and as far away as Singapore. Each had a distinct flavor profile and none was like the others. Sous Chef Troy Micheletti generously welcomed us to the Tap Room where this menu is being served through March. He explained each dish to us, giving us details about the spices, the techniques, and the inspiration behind the menu. From the Duck Empanada to the Acaraje de Orixa, you know that you are enjoying a global meal. Want to try something closer to home? The Short Rib and Vermont Cheddar Sandwich will knock you off your feet. I have the dough for my own brioche rising now in my own kitchen—this is the type of meal and menu that inspires home cooks to recreate the experience at home to share with friends. It is the kind of meal that you are still thinking about a week later, wondering how a team of chefs who has a hotel of guests to feed from room service, to fine dining, to pub food can find time (and space in the kitchen!) to prepare this special menu which transports you into the global world of street food. What an accomplishment by Omni Hotels! I hope you’ll visit an Omni Hotel near you to sample this impressive street food. Check out the menu and recipes here on the Omni Hotel site.

By the way, I took these photos of the food at the Tap Room at the Denver Omni. Karen had the bright idea to sit near the window and we all got some great shots. The toughest part about taking photos of food in  this restaurant? Holding ourselves back from digging in until each course was photographed. The street food theme was taken to heart by Omni Hotels– even the serving plates and container reflect an authentic street food experience which showed the depth of detail and care taken to present this menu.  From the middle photo and then clockwise: Acaraje de Orixa, Chicken Musakhan Sandwich, Citrus and Braised Lamb Tostada, Duck Empanada with Smoked Tomato Mayo, Famous Peddler’s Char Kway Teow, and Short Rib and Vermont Cheddar Sandwich.

Thanks to Sous Chef Troy Micheletti for the amazing meal and to Emily who served the food. Thanks again to Barb for inviting me to join the group of Denver food bloggers for a delicious afternoon.

Please note that I was not compensated to write this blog post—I was grateful for the invitation to enjoy the meal, though I have no connection to Omni Hotels and the opinions here are my own.  Now go try some Street Food!

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    What a nice writeup Holly! I loved sharing this event with you, Karen and Ansh; it was absolutely an instance of great food and great company.

    I have 5 showings lined up today so heading to daughter’s in a few to make the short ribs for my post next week. I might even make sliders with your bread so thanks so much for the rolls. Now I better run or strangers will find me in my jammies…have a great weekend!

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