Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie season has arrived! Where as pies seem to take the headlines for Thanksgiving, in the weeks approaching Christmas it is cookies that take center stage. There are gingerbread cookies, cookie exchanges, cookies for Santa, and cookies to eat with a cup of milk or hot chocolate. Some might think a chocolate chip cookie is rather plain and not worth a special mention. I would disagree. Chocolate chip cookies are comforting and this version with browned butter is anything but ordinary.

When I made this brown butter apple tart I remember my friend Barb told me that I would quickly learn to appreciate the accent of brown butter in many foods, particularly cookies. She was right! This recipe is from Cooking Light, my usual go-to magazine for great recipes. Taking the time to brown the butter before adding it to the rest of the ingredients creates a nutty layer of flavor that plays well with the chocolate chips. Cooking Light uses wheat and all-purpose flour for these cookies; they also mix a combination of canola oil and butter to lighten the standard recipe.

Give these a try, you’ll add this recipe to your list of favorite cookies for sure!

Click here for the Cooking Light recipe. I followed it exactly and loved the results.

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  1. says

    To be quite honest I am a cookie baker hater, but I do love eating them. These look wonderful and I do agree on adding browned butter to recipes. It is just as good a flavor as toasted pecans. Maybe my daughter will bake some of these for me. I’ll pass the recipe on to her, hint hint.

  2. Lurah says

    I was just thinking about cc cookies last night. Your email in my inbox this morning was all the push I needed. The cookie dough was great (almost butterscotch like). The cookies are in the oven now & smell wonderful. Thanks Bakes!

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