Brown Butter-Apple Butter Tart and #BaketogetherParty

This is my first month of joining up with Abby Dodge’s BakeTogether where she posts a recipe near the first of the month and encourages all who are game to bake along with her. As it is the end of September, I barely made it! Abby is an accomplished baker and author, among other titles, and I am so pleased to join this group by baking in a similar spirit with them in my own kitchen. This month’s recipe offered was Brown Butter Apple Hand Tarts. I made my own version—a Brown Butter Apple Butter Tart– using Abby’s recipe for a brown butter dough, then I added homemade apple butter and a crumb topping.

The brown butter dough was like a science experiment for me.  I never had considered this method for a dough and it was exciting watching as the butter heated up and browned in a saucepan; the nutty smell alone was surprise enough but the way the brown butter melded with brown sugar, egg, vanilla, salt and flour was especially rewarding. The dough came together in a moist ball which I pressed out with my fingers into a round tart pan. It molded easily to the shape and then rested in the refrigerator while I made the crumble topping. (Note: I halved the recipe for the dough from Abby’s site.)

The crumble topping was the standard flour (1/2 c), brown sugar (1/4 c), butter (6 TB) mixture…but it needed something else…pecans! The nuttiness of the brown butter dough was an excellent base for the apple butter and the pecan crumble topping.

I assembled the tart and baked it at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes. I barely let it cool before tasting it. Patience is not my strength in the kitchen! This sweet tart could stand its own on a Thanksgiving table next to (or instead of) an apple pie or a pecan pie. The forgiving dough, the simple filling, and the easy crumble topping make this tart a success in my book.

Thanks for the inspiration, Abby, and I hope to join your group in future BakeTogether efforts!

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    I am so glad you joined the #baketogether. I feel so guilty as this is the 3rd month I’ve had to take a pass but I have high hopes to rejoin next month. Your recipe looks delicious.

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    Wow! Now the truth is next time we make dessert we need to share the bounty with each other; this looks AMAZING! So glad you’ve joined #baketogether – it’s a great group and well, I just love Abby!

    Once you get the brown butter thing going…well, let’s just say I do it a lot. Chocolate chip cookies in particular come to mind. Makes them an even more ‘oh my’ moment.

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      Guess what– I am not the best cook either! The recipes I post are much easier than you’d think. I like tarts because you put the dough into the pan then can pat it down and around with your fingers until it fills the pan. It is not as fussy as making a pie. Hope you give it a try! Holly

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